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Who We Are

The primary mission of MedBooks, and its affiliate company, Medical Fee Analytics, is to assist its physician and attorney clients in reaching positive financial outcomes though targeted coding and realistic billing techniques. Our expertise in the coding and billing area is unmatched and our credentials, unrivaled. We have served over 35,000 clients and continue to make strides towards reducing coding errors, negotiating fees and seeking reimbursement for millions of dollars left on the table.

We have provided testimony to a great number of plaintiffs and defendants regarding usual, customary and reasonable fees. Our proprietary software produces the RUCRReport that compares the actual charges made by any medical provider to the usual, customary and reasonable values for individual HCPCS/CPT codes they have used. This report provides solid benchmarks from which to settle any accident or injury claim. 

Each RUCRReport is prepared with the specific geo-zip code in mind and takes into account coding rules based on the American Medical Association’s CPT book and Medicare policies. Some of these rules (e.g., multiple procedure surgery rule, timed coding rules) may reduce the values of services while still others (e.g., units) may increase the value of services.  In all cases, we strive to present the facts such that  a fair and equitable settlement can be reached.

Our US based team of professionals is educated, seasoned, certified and skilled in the arts of medical coding, billing, pricing and medical transcription.  We know the coding and billing rules, and how to employ them.Whether you are a doctor who seeks to improve your bottom line and have the security of knowing you'll keep your cash, or an attorney who needs to understand how medical services are billed and priced, or even a third party payer (e.g. trucking company or automobile insurance carrier)  we can help.

Our approach to your bottom line is simple. We analyze the medical and billing records from both a coding and billing standpoint, price the services based on the usual, customary and reasonable values for the given zip codes, and compare those rates and coding techniques to what each client has provided to us. Finally, we report our findings in a format that includes the details needed to answer questions about the real value of the case (as opposed to what people may “want” the value to be).

Our attorney clients see that we provide sound logic to our reports using documented coding rule sets thereby helping them achieve fair settlements and win cases in less time and with less effort.  Our attorneys move on to other cases and strengthen the relationships they have with their adjusters who shell out less than before.

Our insurance and trucking customers are able to know (based on solid data) how much their cases are actually worth, whether they can negotiate these cases with in-house counsel or even if the case load should be farmed out to their outside legal teams.  Based on the RUCR Report, they are often able to reach settlements outside of the courtroom and reduce the costs overall for all parties.Because our certified team members specialize in these areas of medical coding and billing we have been able to recoup millions of dollars for our clients that had been otherwise left on the table and support fair and reasonable adjustments of the dollars charged for medical services.


Phil Resch, MA, JD, CMRS

Phil Resch is a retired Navy captain, recovering lawyer, and an experienced executive. He served as a Surface Warfare Officer in the Navy in a variety of different assignments including Executive Officer on a Navy tanker. Also, he had multiple domestic and international assignments in different industries. Some of the companies he has worked for include:

  • Ford Motor Company
  • Fujitsu
  • Greenwich Air
  • Pacific Maritime
  • Partner Sandhurst Group
  • Ryder Systems

Phil is also the co-founder of the following businesses:

  • Medical Fee Analytics
  • Physician Fee Analytics
  • Veterans Employment Connection

Unique Knowledge and Skills

As a member of the executive committee and trustee on the Health and Welfare plans of one of the most comprehensive joint management and labor benefit plans in the United States, he has gained an in-depth understanding of benefit plan structure and operations. His experiences have allowed him to provide a unique perspective in his work as CEO of Physician Fee Analytics and COO of MedBooks, Inc.

Due to his background in executive search and management consulting, he is able to comprehend the operations of firms or companies from a unique standpoint. He is also skilled at negotiating contracts because of his extensive work with labor contracts, business dealings, and mergers and acquisitions.

Educational Background

Phil graduated on an NROTC scholarship from the University of Louisville. He has a Master’s degree in Business Management from Webster University and a Juris Doctorate degree from the Brandeis School of Law at the University of Louisville.

Talks on Leadership

As a respected and successful leader, Phil imparts his knowledge on leadership through books, media, and public forums. Phil is a 32-year member of the National Speakers Association. He was recently featured in an article on CEOs and servant leadership in D-CEO magazine.

Phil frequently speaks about servant leadership and job career strategies when guesting on KDKR 91.3FM (Dallas/Ft. Worth). He is also a co-author of Conversation on Leadership with Warren Bennis, Philip Fulmer, and Alan Keyes.

Past Positions

  • Past board director, Not Alone (a national organization that provides confidential and no-cost counseling to our returning warriors and their families suffering from PTSD or other issues)
  • Past chairman and CEO, CEO Netweavers National Board of Directors
  • Past president of board, Leukemia Lymphoma Society North Texas
  • Past president and board of directors, Greater Dallas Military Ball Foundation
  • Past secretary, National Maritime Safety Association
  • Past president, KCPOA
  • Past trustee, ILWU-PMA Welfare and Pension Plans

Contact Information

1300 Shamrock Ln,
Plano, Texas 75093
Phone: (214) 405-6486

Patrice (Trish) Morin-Resch, CPC, CPMA, CMRS

Trish Resch is a renowned author and a highly recognized coding expert. Since her days at the American Medical Association, she has been acknowledged as a subject matter expert in medical coding and billing. Trish has taught coding all over the world for groups like the DoD, Minnesota Medical Association, Minnesota Hospital Association, Texas Medical Association, American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons to name a few. Most recently, she has has provided a series of webinars for the American Bar Association on medical coding topics.

Trish has published over 50 books on medical coding and has been awarded both the Texty and McGuffey Awards for her cp”Teach” series through the Textbook and Academic Authors Association.   She has also been inducted into the TAA Council of Fellows and is one of the most sought-after expert witnesses in medical coding cases. She has provided expert testimony for the U.S. Attorney’s Office, and has presented in both Federal and State Courts.


Founding MedBooks, Inc.

When Trish was recruited to the American Medical Association in Chicago, she became the editor of the CPT book. Trish answered over 8,000 written inquiries about CPT in its first year of implementation.

Realizing that there was little to no training on CPT codes, she left the AMA and founded MedBooks, Inc. Our business provides super-bill and fee analysis and review for physicians.

Founding Physician Fee Analytics and Medical Fee Analytics

In 2016, Trish co-founded Physician Fee Analytics and Medical Fee Analytics. Physician Fee Analytics (PFA) and Medical Fee Analytics (MFA) are businesses that help optimize medical revenues by calculating the usual, customary, and reasonable charges for the CPT codes employed in a specific geographical region.

PFA and MFA were established to bring specific medical industry experience, knowledge, education, and credentials to analyzing fees and business information for physicians, physician groups, chiropractors, surgeons and ophthalmologists. Using proprietary software via the RUCR Report and years of experience, PFA and MFA can be the missing puzzle piece for our clients. The teams at both companies help clients understand where they stand in relation to the usual, customary, and reasonable charges for their services in their respective geo zip codes.

Authorial Works

As an author, Trish has more than 50 copyrights. One of her books can even be found in more than 900 colleges and universities.

Because Trish saw the need for a CPT book, she developed and wrote the definitive book on coding called “Teach®.” She then implemented MedBooks, Inc. online bookstore, with over 142,000 medical titles.

Notable Achievements and Recognitions

Her books have won both the Texty and McGuffey Awards, which are the highest rewards in the profession, through the Text and Academic Author’s Association’s (TAA).  One of her books won the International Independent Book Publishers Association’s Ben Franklin Award for Science. Trish was honored with the Presidents Silver Star Award Textbook Excellence Award (Texty Award, a peer review award based on quality of the book).

Educational Background

Trish graduated from College of St. Elizabeth’s with a double degree in Chemistry and Art and a minor in Psychology. She studied basic medicine at the Universidad of Monterey for three years. Also, Trish has obtained the highest certifications in coding.

Other Positions

Trish has chaired the Textbook and Authors Association (TAA) annual convention. She has held officer positions in the local chapter of American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) as well as the Professional Association of Healthcare Coding Specialist. Also, Trish has volunteered in Southern Methodist University Catholic Campus Ministry.

Contact Information

Phone: (972) 955-4855

Service Areas

We serve clients Nationwide

“Thank you for your assistance in the case of United States V Davis.  Because the fraud case against this defendant was premised upon his fraudulent billing of insurance companies, Medicaid, and his patients, your testimony regarding proper use of CPT coding procedures was fundamental to our successful prosecution.”

B. Bearson

Assistant US Attorney,
US Department of Justice, District of Utah

“…I don’t think that I have ever gotten evaluations returned with all of them rating the speaker a “10”—congratulations!”

P. Westby

Minnesota Medical Association

“it was a pleasure attending your seminar this morning and be “enlightened” by your knowledge. With real life examples, you make the learning process fun and easy to assimilate.”

A. Barreda

Claims Adjustor
United Automobile Insurance